Our Story


After an eight hour modified radical mastectomy, Dee Simmons knew her life would never be the same. Needing to make a decision to change her lifestyle, she began to take responsibility for her own health. She journeyed around the globe, searching for answers to the healthiest lifestyle possible. Using her experience and knowledge gained on these travels, she counseled, advised and offered encouragement to others. It would be another loss in their lives in 1992, the death of her mother and D'Andra's grandmother, that would be the catalyst for the creation of Ultimate Living and the natural health supplements that the company has offered its customers for over two decades. In 2004, D'Andra brought her expert knowledge of skin care and nutrition to the company, and joined her mother full time in the Ultimate Living International mission to provide the highest quality nutritional supplements and skin care products available on the market today. In addition to providing exceptional nutrition, Ultimate Living desires its customers to have access to the most current information on health and wellness issues. Along with Ultimate Living's Nutritional Supplements, Dee Simmons has her own skin care line, and D'Andra Simmons created Hard Night Good Morning, a naturally derived, aloe vera based, cruelty-free skin care line, as well. Ultimate Living International, Hard Night Good Morning, Dee and D'Andra want to thank you for selecting Ultimate Living as your choice for your nutrition and skin care.